Record Breaking EuroMillions draw on Friday

Friday July 8 could be a record-breaking night for European lotteries. The EuroMillions draw has reached its new jackpot cap of €230 million (£191 million). Could we be on our way to a must-be-won draw later this month?

The jackpot cap in the EuroMillions draw used to be €190 million. However, new rules saw that changed and it can get as high as €250 million in the future.

June 17 saw a EuroMillions Superdraw held with a €130 million top prize up for grabs. No one won the jackpot that night and the top prize continues to avoid being won. That’s taken us all the way up to the jackpot cap and a history making win is going to occur this month, but when?

The current highest EuroMillions win is €220 million and that was won by a ticket sold in Tahiti. 2020. As for the UK, the record is the £184 million that was won by Jess and Joe Thwaite in May of this year. Their days as the UK record holders may well be numbered.

Now the jackpot cap has been reached, the top prize won’t go any higher. Instead, the second prize will continue to rise, so that’s going to be well worth winning.

The next four EuroMillions draws (July 8,12,15 and 19) will see players trying to win the top prize. If the July 19 draw doesn’t produce a winner, then we have one heck of an event on Friday July 22. That’s because the jackpot must be won in that draw.

Any ticket that is finally able to match the five main numbers and two Lucky Stars will win a share of the jackpot, perhaps all of it. If that doesn’t happen though, the whole amount will be split between any tickets are winners in the next tier below.

Imagine, you could match just five main balls and one Lucky Star and win €230 million. Once the jackpot has been won, the jackpot cap is going to be increased to €240 million.

A great amount to win therefore on Friday but it might not be the largest European jackpot. Tuesday’s SuperEnalotto draw ended in yet another rollover. The Italian lottery hasn’t produced a jackpot winner since May of last year.

On Thursday, the top prize is €233.8 million, so if another rollover takes place, it will be higher than the EuroMillions jackpot in the draw due to be held on Saturday 9 July.

There’s no must-be-won draw or jackpot cap in the SuperEnalotto draw so it could keep on climbing even higher than the maximum possible €250 million win that EuroMillions will have sometime in the future.