Rare Poker Hand Wins Scotsman £213,000

Going to Las Vegas and winning a life-changing amount on the poker table is a dream of all gamblers. Few manage to see their dream turn into reality but not Peter Ferguson from Edinburgh, Scotland. He went to Las Vegas earlier this month and won £213,000.

The 46-year-old went to Las Vegas with a friend. It was only a long weekend but it’s a trip that he will never forget. The pair arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday April 7 and it was the day after when they visited the Palazzo Casino.

The plan was to play blackjack but then decided to have a few hands of Texas Hold ‘Em poker first. Peter didn’t play right away. He watched his friend play first and then decided it was time to see how his luck was going.

His luck really was in as he was dealt and Ace and Jack of Diamonds. He thought to himself, “Okay, that could be a good hand. That could make up a flush or a straight.” The decision was made to carry on and he couldn’t believe his eyes when the next three cards were dealt. By that time his total bet was just $15.

They were the King, Queen and ten of Diamonds. His initial thought that he now had a straight but then his friend nudged him and told him he’d got a royal flush. That was a rare hand indeed and it won him $280,007 (£213,000).

When told how much he had won, Peter admits he was “totally and utterly shocked” and “didn’t know what to do” or say. His win was soon confirmed by casino management and the one-in two-million hand had won him a huge amount.

With the hand being so rare, word soon spread around the busy casino. Other customers headed to the poker table to see the hand they all dream of getting. “It was pretty mad,” said the lucky player.

The casino management team asked him to go and get his passport. That didn’t delight him that much. “It bloody killed me as it was so hot outside and I was running like an idiot,” said the Scottish poker player.

They advised him to do so quietly “as there are some dodgy people around.” After two-and-a-half hours of checks Peter was finally able to collect his winnings.

He was accompanied by a security guard to the cage where payments were paid out and he wisely opted to receive his winnings in the form of a cheque. He didn’t have to run back to his hotel again. The casino management laid on a Rolls Royce for the journey.

First to be told the news of his win was his mother. The tears flowed when receiving the phone call from Las Vegas. It wasn’t an easy phone call to make with Peter admitting he was “too hysterical” to properly tell his mother what had just taken place.

His husband was in Amsterdam at the time, and he couldn’t believe the news when told of the big win.

Mr Ferguson runs an events management company but says he isn’t sure how his poker winnings will be spent. Peter promises to be “sensible” though and some of his winnings will go towards his mortgage.

There will be a big family holiday too later this year. Whether that will be a return to Las Vegas isn’t known. He believes it will be a well-deserved trip after “a rubbish couple of years with the pandemic.”