Predicting the Predetermined

Considering that matches in professional wrestling are pre-determined, you might not expect it to be something you can bet on. That’s not the case though with many bookmakers offering odds, mainly for WWE events.

For example, you can get odds on who will win the men’s Rumble match. Now this doesn’t take place until next January with the winner getting a title shot at WrestleMania. That’s their largest show of the year held in April.

There are some good odds for this match. It has 30 competitors with them eliminated when thrown over the top rope and both their feet land on the floor. Sky Bet have Big E. as their 6/1 favourite but that looks unlikely. He already has a title shot lined up and could be champion come next January.

Seth Rollins is a former champion and at 8/1 in the market. It makes more sense him winning the Rumble. Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion, like boxing professional wrestling is full of titles. It’s possible he could lose the title by January and then win the Rumble or perhaps WWE have ideas for him that don’t include a title being on the line.

With this kind of bet, you are trying to work out just who WWE are looking at highly promoting in the future aka giving a push. Work out their plans and you can get some good wins. Most of the wrestlers in this match are simply there to make up the numbers. Someone like Keith Lee at 12/1 or Karion Kross at 16/1 are not going to be headlining WrestleMania anytime soon. Someone like Finn Balor at 20/1 or Drew McIntyre at 20/1 can’t be discounted though.

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is rumoured to be returning to the company that made his name. An appearance at WrestleMania is possible and he’s only 10/1 to win the Rumble. The Rock v Roman Reigns (they are related in real life) would be a big earner for WWE. Whether it’d be a title match isn’t so sure with a tag contest rumoured involving the Uso brothers, so perhaps neither The Rock or Roman Reigns (16/1) might not be a good bet for the Rumble.

Tyson Fury is in the betting at 33/1. He’s had matches in WWE in the past, but he looks a poor bet here. 2022 for Fury should be about fighting Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight title not wrestling matches. What if he lost his upcoming fight against Wilder though?

Not a good bet at all is Grant Holt at 200/1. The former Norwich City footballer has had matches with English company WAW. The thought of him somehow being considered to be in the WrestleMania main event in 2022 is a very far fetched one indeed.

Nostalgia fans might go for The Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the Rumble. Both are available at 100/1 but unlikely to ever wrestle again, let alone win the Rumble. As for Vince McMahon at 250/1, ok he is a former winner of this match, but the WWE boss is 76 this month.