Not Everyone Delighted with 888sport Partnering with RB Leipzig

88sport Partnering with RB Leipzig

Links between sports clubs and gambling companies are again in the news. This time it’s in Germany where the ‘fan alliance’ Unsere Kurve (Our Curve) have set out a series of demands for German football clubs and the Bundesrat.

The latter is a legislative body that is the link between the Federation and the federal states in Germany. Unsere Kurve have said that there is an “increased media presence” of sports betting in the country.

However, the sponsorship deals are continuing though. 888sport have just partnered with Bundesliga side RB Leipzig. The partnership will continue until at least 2023 with 888sport branding seen around the Red Bull Arena and Leipzig’s digital channels. They will also be the new presenters of the RBL predictor game. That gives fans the opportunity to win signed shirts, season tickets and VIP tickets.

The Director of International Marketing & Head of Sponsorships at 888sport is Pedro Barreda. He’s delighted with the partnership with RB Leipzig. He sees it as “a perfect fit” and one that “will strongly support us with our ambitious plans for the newly-regulated German sports betting market.”

That won’t please the ‘fan alliance’ who have called on authorities to “finally accept responsibility through political regulation and voluntary commitments in football”. Their statement also said that “the type and placement of advertising” is leading to an opinion that “sports betting is a natural part of football and fan culture.”

They highlighted the fact that problem gambling is “particularly widespread among football fans.” This leads to gambling companies making “immense profits” from those who gamble on a regular basis.

When it comes to political demands, there is nothing new in what they want to see happen. They are calling for a ban on sports betting advertising in sports stadiums and sports related media. Also on their wishlist is banning gambling companies forging deals with athletes, officials, or other public figures.

Unsere Kurve also want to see a “massive expansion” when it comes to the amount of prevention measures put in place when it comes to gambling addiction. They also want to see sports clubs and associations increase awareness of the risks involved with sports betting. By 1 July 2022, they want to see a joint resolution made by organisations to stop forging partnerships with sports betting companies.

It’s just one demand after another from them. Another calls for half of the income from existing contracts with gambling companies to be given to state-recognised treatment and prevention centres. It’s a lot to ask in such a short period of time. The next few months could be very interesting indeed.