North Carolina Unlikely to Legalise Mobile Sports Betting in 2022

While many US states have legalised mobile sports betting, some are still attempting to do so. One of those states is North Carolina and it looks as if this won’t be taking place in 2022.

Their House of Representatives won’t be voting on any bills until the final week of June. That means the deadline of June 30 (that’s when the legislative session ends) is unlikely to be met by the sports betting bill.

Recent months have seen bills SB 688 and SB 38 being discussed by politicians. The House Committee had already passed them both so it was looking good for legalisiation to go ahead. Then the problems began and the long wait continues.

The House seems totally split on the subject. The second reading on SB 38 saw it passed but only by 51-50. When it came to SB 688, the House voted against it by 51-50 when it was receiving its second reading.

That was the first piece of bad news for that bill. The second came when the House blocked an attempt to have the bill returned to the rules committee.

SB 688 would see 10-13 online sports betting operators able to open in North Carolina. The tax rate would be 8 per cent (slightly less than the 51 per cent in New York) but those wanting a licence would need to pay a $1 million fee to do so. When that runs out, there would be a $100,000 renewal fee.

$1 million would be sent each year to the Department of Health and Human Services. This would be used to help those who are suffering from gambling addiction.

The bill would also see casinos, golf courses, race tracks and professional sports venues being able to offer sports betting. Half of the tax revenue received by the state would be put in a fund that would attempt to attracts major sporting events to the state, though this would not include NASCAR.

The other bill has some variations to SB 688. If that was passed, the tax rate would be 14 per cent and the renewal fee for licences $1 million. The amount that would be given to the Department of Health and Human Services would be $2 million. It would also not allow betting on amateur sports events nor the Olympic Games. NASCAR events would be included in the fund unlike in SB 688.

June 23 was the scheduled date for the other bill to receive its third reading. A final vote would then have taken place. However, the night before the bill was removed from the schedule. Unlike SB 38, this one was referred back to the Rules, Calendar and Operations Committee for further discussion.

With this being the current situation, it’s unlikely now that sports betting will be legalised in North Carolina this year.

There is some sports betting in the state of North Carolina. Bets on sporting events is allowed if going to the tribal casinos.