No Expensive Bacon Rolls for £5m Lotto Winner

Two keyworkers have won a £5 million Lotto jackpot but it’s a win that nearly didn’t happen. Paul and Louise Drake live in Seafield in Scotland. They could not believe what was happening to them when discovering they had won £5,162,779 in the Lotto draw held on Wednesday July 28.

The couple are both aged 47 and have two sons. Paul has had a busy time working at Lidl during the ongoing pandemic. His wife, Louise is a nurse, so needless to say it’s been a hectic past year and a half.

They admit that when discovering their fantastic win, they “burst into tears.” It didn’t take them long to claim their Lotto winnings and enjoyed their champagne when being presented with their winnings.

Their winning numbers were: 23-26-34-36-44-59. Now that’s not a selection that anyone who uses birthdays and anniversaries would get a big win from. Paul explained how his ticket purchase for this Lotto draw was a bit different from normal.

“Normally I am quite organised with my playing but on this occasion, I must’ve been rushing about too much, probably taking one of the kids to an activity. I ended up just grabbing three Lucky Dips,” said the Lotto winner.

At 4.30am, the day after the draw, Paul was about to drive two colleagues to work. He had a “niggling feeling” to check his Lotto ticket. Then the amazing discovery was made, and he just burst into tears. He ran back into the house to tell his sleeping wife their fantastic news. She thought something was wrong “but he was shouting something about winning the lottery,” said Louise
Initially, she thought they had only won £5,000 so was going to go back to sleep. Those plans were shelved when realising they’d won over £5 million. Paul still drove his colleagues to work but then told his bosses why he wouldn’t be working that day.

Speaking about that strange day at work, Paul said: “The guys who I drove to work knew something was up and that I was acting strangely, so it wasn’t long before people guessed. Our friends, family and colleagues are over the moon for us, they’re really chuffed, which is great.”

Their winning Lotto ticket didn’t leave his side until their winnings were claimed. How will they be spending their Lotto windfall? Paul is a big car fan, and he already has his eyes on a Porsche and a state-of-the-art Range Rover. His wife is dreaming of taking trips to Florida and New York. That’s something both their sons, aged 11 and 15 will love too.

Paul says that their Lotto win won’t change “who we are.” It will however “change our lives dramatically from a financial perceptive.” He added though that their win won’t stop him chasing bargains and the golf fan won’t be paying £6.50 for a bacon roll at his local golf club.