National Lottery Licence Finally Awarded to Allwyn

It’s not been an easy process since the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) decided who would be their preferred applicants to hold the fourth National Lottery licence.

That decision saw Allwyn Entertainment UK awarded the licence and after appeals by Camelot and IGT have been dropped, now the Enabling Agreement with Allwyn can begin.

Ever since the National Lottery began in 1994, it’s been Camelot who have held the licence. However, that is going to change now and from February 2024, Allwyn will be in charge. They will have a 10-year licence to operate the National Lottery.

The UKGC decision to give the new licence to Allwyn did not go down well with the other applicants. That was particularly the case with Camelot and IGT who both decided to head for the courts to prevent the Enabling Agreement taking place.

This disrupted what the UKGC had hoped would be a smooth transition to the new licence holders taking over the National Lottery in 2024. At one time it was feared the National Lottery might even end up being suspended due to the process not being completed by February of 2024.

That would have been bad news for those hoping to win jackpots but even worse for the many good causes that receive help from every lottery draw or scratchcard sold.

Camelot had previously announced that they would no longer be appealing the decision. That left IGT to decide whether to go ahead with their appeal or follow suit. The UKGC have now announced that IGT will not be appealing the decision and that means work can now begin with the Enabling Agreement process with Allwyn.

Speaking about the news, UKGC chief executive Andrew Rhodes said they are pleased that the process can now begin. They look forward to “working with all parties to ensure a smooth and efficient handover.”

The chief executive is confident that “Allwyn and the key changes for the fourth licence will maximise returns to good causes, promote innovation, deliver against our statutory duties, and ultimately protect the unique status of the National Lottery.”

Since the National Lottery was launched in 1994, over £46 billion has been raised for 670,000 good causes all around the UK. Whether a small community group, a venue that needs refurbishing or athletes needing help to fund their training, all have been helped by the National Lottery.

Allwyn have said they are committed to investing in the National Lottery to ensure further growth and innovation. This, they believe, will lead to increased amounts being raised for good causes.