Must Be Won Lotto Draw Tonight

It’s not quite the EuroMillions draw but this evening (Saturday 6 March), there’s a £20 million Lotto draw in the UK. This is just one of the many lottery draws taking place this weekend, will you be a big winner?

If the six main numbers are matched in tonight’s Lotto draw, then it’s the same as any other jackpot winning draw. Where it all changes is if no ticket matches those six main balls. There’s no rollover in this special draw. There will be a rolldown rather than a rollover. The £20 million jackpot will be shared by players who match two or more of the main numbers.

This means that the lower prize tiers will see higher prizes being awarded. The last time we had a Must Be Won draw, just matching three numbers saw winners receiving an enhanced £75. Matching two numbers usually gets you a Lotto Lucky Dip for the next draw. In a rolldown, winners also get a £5 win. Not quite the $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot but every penny counts these days.

The second-tier prize is £1 million and that would also be increased if no one wins the jackpot. All of which makes for an exciting draw.

Last night saw three major draws take place on both sides of the Atlantic. The EuroMillions draw had a £27.9 million jackpot but ended in a rollover. Top win of the night was three second-tier wins of €267,995 with winning tickets sold in Ireland, Spain and France. Tuesday (March 9) sees the draw having a jackpot of £34 million.

The EuroJackpot top prize last night was €47 million but no tickets matched the five main numbers and the two EuroNumbers. Three of the main numbers were over 31, so anyone using birthdays and anniversaries didn’t have a chance of being jackpot winners. Next Friday (March 12), the jackpot is up to €47 million.

There’s a SuperEnalotto draw in Italy this evening. No jackpot winners in the two draws held so far this week, so a €117.6 million top prize tonight.

To the USA and last night’s Mega Millions draw. Players were trying to win the $55 million top prize but with no success. Two tickets won the second-tier prize of $1 million. They didn’t use the Megaplier option when buying their tickets. If they had, their wins would have been doubled. On Tuesday March 9, the jackpot rises to $68 million.

That’s less than half the size of tonight’s Powerball jackpot. Players will be hoping their ticket will match the five main balls and the Powerball to win $138 million. That’s the annuity payment, the one-off cash payment is $96.6 million. That makes tonight’s draw an important one. If it is a rollover, then the cash option (which most winners take) will go through the $100 million mark.

There are plenty of sites where you can buy lottery tickets online. Hopefully one of your purchases will be a winning one.