Millions to be Won in Upcoming Lottery Draws

October may well see some massive lottery jackpot wins. We’ve already had one major success with a $494m Mega Millions top prize won on October 14. Are more on the way?

Friday’s Mega Millions draw saw two lucky tickets share the $494m jackpot. No one has claimed their winnings yet. One was sold in Florida and the other in California, both winning $247m. Tuesday’s draw has a $20m top prize.

Now the largest lottery jackpot in the US is in the Powerball draw. Saturday failed to produce any winners so that means a $480m top prize in Monday’s draw. Will we get another big winner or will the jackpot go through the half-a-billion-dollars mark?

It’s not just in the US that there are big jackpots. In Canada, the Lotto Max draw on Tuesday has a $70m top prize and there are also 62 MaxMillions prizes, each worth $1m.

In Europe, the largest jackpot is in Italy’s SuperEnalotto draw. It’s nearly 17 months since the last time the top prize was won. Tuesday’s draw has a record 290.5m euro jackpot.

There’s no must-be-won draw in SuperEnalotto and there isn’t a jackpot cap either. Will the top prize reach 300m euros for the first time or will someone, somehow, win this most elusive top prize?

The next EuroMillions draw is on Tuesday October 18. The jackpot is £77m and at present, it seems picking numbers in the 20s is a good idea. There have been six come up as main balls in the last three draws held.

Winning a big prize is of course fantastic but you do need to claim your winnings. Currently there’s a £5m win from the Lotto draw held on September 28 that is yet to be claimed. There’s no real rush because the winning ticket doesn’t expire until March 27 next year.

Perhaps the winner doesn’t know they have won a Lotto jackpot. Possibly the reason could be that the lucky player is getting advice on how to cope with the fact they have become a millionaire before coming forward.

The ticket was purchased in Birmingham and that’s not the only unclaimed prize in the West Midlands.

There’s also a ticket that was sold in Wolverhampton that won £7.4m. That was a jackpot win in the Lotto draw held on June 18. There’s a more urgent need for the winner to claim this prize. That’s because the expiry date is just under two months away on December 15.