Lottery Players Close to Missing Out on Syndicate Success

You can try for years to win a lottery jackpot on your own but not succeed. Alternatively, you can join a syndicate and that does improve your chances of being a winner. That’s been the case recently with two syndicates in Australia and the USA. Two of the lucky players nearly didn’t win.

In Australia, a syndicate of 55 women won an $80 million Australian Powerball jackpot in the December 2 draw. They were members of the Curves Gym in Perth and for one of the players it was a very special win.

Just a couple of days before the Australian Powerball draw, Lorna was training at the gym. While there, Lorna was asked if she wanted to join the syndicate for the massive $80 million draw. All that was needed was to make a payment of $5, so off she went to try and find the funds.

It took a search of her car to find $5 and it was the change from paying for her parking ticket. She rushed back to the gym saying she’d “scraped that $5” and she was now part of the syndicate. Little could she have imagined that the $5 would turn her into a lottery millionaire just two days later.

The discovery of the Australian Powerball win came at a Christmas party. Most of the syndicate members were there and it turned into a rather raucous evening. One winner was shaking so much she needed help to use her phone. They seemed to lose their hunger for the Christmas meal but didn’t refuse any of the champagne on offer.

Over in the USA, a group of 16 employees at a drilling company in Missouri won a $1 million Powerball prize. Their success came in the November 8 draw and they were just one number short of winning the $150 million jackpot.

Whereas the Australian win saw a new member win, this American syndicate contained one very relieved player. If you keep trying week after week without success to get a big win, it can be a bit disheartening.

This syndicate has been trying for two years to get some lottery success. Sherry Hinkle had considered leaving the syndicate on several occasions, believing her money could be better spent.

“I never thought I had a chance at winning the lotto,” she said. “I honesty griped so hard each week about giving up my cash for it. The men probably wished I would (have) left the pool but each week I gave my share.” That decision paid off and now she plans on saving most of her $62,500 Powerball windfall.