Just Why do Some People Not Gamble Online?

Why do people decide against participating in online gambling? Do they not know enough about sport or games such as roulette and poker and fear making losses? A new YouGov study has shown that the reason is they feel the odds are stacked against them.

Over 17,000 people took part in the survey which is part of a YouGov whitepaper that is soon to be published. Its aim is to produce findings that can be actionable insights in this sector.
The number of respondents who felt that the odds are stacked against them was 27%. 21% believed that the chances of them winning large amounts of money is unlikely. With such high figures for both these categories the response from YouGov is not good reading for online gambling sites.

YouGov feels that they “question the value of products on offer, suggesting firms may be able to capture a larger audience by focusing on and better communicating winning potential.”

Financial reasons played a part for 22% of respondents. Their reason for not gambling online was simply that they didn’t have the money to do so. Small stakes can be made though at most online gambling sites.

20% of those who do not gamble said it was just a case of doing so not occurring to them. YouGov’s response to this is that “the right marketing message delivered through the right platform could nudge this significant group into becoming active.” Therefore they would not be in approval of the type of gambling advertisements seen that publicize welcome offers for new site members.

Morality now enters the fray with 11% of British non-gamblers feeling it’s just morally wrong to gamble. 8% said that gambling was against their beliefs.10% believed that they would end up spending too much money at online sites.

Financial security is so important when going online. 9% of respondents said that they had a lack of trust in online gambling sites protecting their card details. Perhaps they should use Bitcoin or Paypal?

9% were also concerned that taking up gambling online would end in them becoming addicted. A figure that is a bit lower than expected perhaps? 5% said that they just didn’t trust themselves to gamble. 7% replied that they didn’t have the time to gamble. 1% said that technical difficulties was the reason they didn’t gamble online.

Just short of a third of respondents didn’t have any particular reason for not gambling. YouGov said of this result that a “significant portion of non-gamblers are neutral about gambling at the moment – a group typically amongst the easiest to market to, given the right insights about their attitudes and behaviours.”

It seems therefore that the study is concerned with those respondents that could be targeted by online betting companies in terms of registering new accounts with them. Doesn’t this just show such sites the improvements they need to make to see their membership rising? Give more information about financial security, how to gamble responsibly and increased details showing the odds aren’t stacked against members and away you go.