Irish Lotto Planning Rule Change

Wednesday December 15 is a big day for Irish Lotto officials, but will it be a successful one for players? The jackpot still hasn’t been won since June 5 and remains at €19 million.

Before Wednesday evenings draw takes place, the CEO of the Irish National Lottery has an important appointment. Andrew Algeo will be in front of politicians who are members of the Oireachtas Committee.

This comes after Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan has been rather outspoken about the Irish Lotto. He’s called for an investigation into what he has described as a “seemingly unwinnable” jackpot. He’s called for the number of main balls to be reduced from 47 to 45.

Even so, 47 balls is 12 less than are in the UK Lotto draw. 51 draws have been held since the last jackpot win. That’s despite there being a string of successive wins on Saturdays earlier in the year.

Sometimes the answer to a problem is just staring you in your face. The UK Lotto has a ‘must-be-won’ draw that takes place after a certain number of rollovers. If that had been employed in the Irish Lotto, then the current situation of rollover after rollover just wouldn’t have happened.

Now Lotto bosses in Ireland are finally seeing the solution to their problem. They are looking to change the rules of the game to introduce a must-be-won draw. Mr Alego says that his message to the politicians will be that: “We know our customers want this Lotto jackpot to be won soon, as do we.”

He added that the lotto is “operating according to the rules” but will take measures to ensure a repetition of the current situation won’t happen and there won’t be anther “improbably long wait for a capped jackpot win.”

Introducing the must-be-won draw would “provide certainty to Lotto players.” With the new rule n place Lotto players would know “the latest date” on when a jackpot has to be won.

After the appearance in front of the committee, then the clock will be ticking to the next Irish Lotto draw on Wednesday evening. Just what could be the numbers that finally turn someone into a multi-millionaire?

Single number balls have appeared in each of the last eight draws, so including one could be a good idea. Many players use birthdays or anniversaries when selecting their numbers. The last eight draws have all seen a number come out that is higher than 31, so not the best route to winning the jackpot.