Innovative Horse Racing Betting Site Launched

This week has seen the launch of the website. It’s described as the “first ever fantasy league horse racing platform based on real races and real prizes.” Just a single bet is allowed each day in this brand new format that the founders hope will help reduce gambling problems.

Last week saw the UK Gambling Commission give the site a license. Now it’s launched just in time for Royal Ascot. The site has been founded by Nathan Thompson, Steven Evans and Danny Williams. The plan is to put “entertainment ahead of large stakes.” co-founder Nathan Thompson believes the site is “the first-ever fantasy league horse betting platform based on real races and real prizes.” Players can earn points and these are related to the odds of their selection. Higher odds lead to more points being earned so a bet on an outsider at huge odds can see you rocketing ahead of your opponents.

Budgets are so important when you are betting. Setting them and then keeping them are vital tasks. Stakes are low on this site so that makes it more accessible to those without a massive budget to wager. It also limits the amounts that can be lost which is an important factor. Losing what you can afford to lose is always the name of the game. The company say that “It is impossible to spend more on it than you can afford.”

The founders of RacingStars believe that they have an exciting future ahead of them, though you’d expect them to say that. They believe this is the case due to their platform being “innovative,” “unique” and “cleverly designed.” The site is for horse racing at present but the future could see F1 and greyhound racing introduced.

So just how does RacingStars work? Play tokens are needed to be purchased, using the money that members deposit into their account. Five tokens cost £5, 11 cost £10, going up to a maximum of 30 for £25. You are entered into two prize pools for each token used. The limits set will ensure that a gambler with more funds than others doesn’t get an advantage.

One is for the daily jackpot and the other the weekly top prize. The more entries that are made, the higher the prize pot. 35p of each entry goes to the daily prize pot and 15p to the weekly one. The minimum daily top prize will be £50 and for the week £100.

There is one race meeting chosen each day and your token allows you to make a selection for each of the races on the card. That’s just one bet paid for but it lasts all through the meeting, so pretty good value.

Ever change your mind on what to back? Well, on this site you can change the horse you wish to back up to two minutes before the race. Another big bonus in terms of responsible gambling is that there is no chasing losses, something that can cause major problems. It looks an interesting idea, it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses.