Help from Beyond the Grave for £1m EuroMillions Winner?

Some lottery wins seem to happen as if someone else was helping you. That is how Calum Forrington from Grimsby, England, feels about his £1 million EuroMillions success.

The 37-year-old hasn’t had an easy life. His mother and father both died 18 years ago. Such was his distress at their passing, it’s only recently that he’s been able to visit their graves. Then his luck began to change since he finally paid them a visit.

First he found a new job and has had an “amazing first year of marriage” with his wife, Kayleigh. To cap it all off, Calum then won a £1 million lottery prize.

Plans for the winnings include going on a trip to Rome to celebrate their wedding anniversary in style. Perhaps while they are there, the couple might buy a SuperEnalotto ticket as that draw currently as a jackpot of over 200 million euros.

Other plans for their EuroMillions winnings include a trip to Disneyland for their three children. They had been saving up for a family holiday in 2023. Now those plans might be bought forward and they just can’t wait to tell their children what has happened.

Calum wants to start driving lessons and then he might be able to borrow the new car he’s going to buy Kayleigh.

A new home is also planned for the couple and their children. That’s something they haven’t been able to afford before this EuroMillions win.

It was in the June 17 EuroMillions Superdraw that the couple became lottery millionaires. Mr Forrington had decided to have a “one-off” flutter never dreaming what might happen. His ticket matched the UK Millionaire Maker code.

Discovering his win left him in “complete shock” and the couple “freaked out” when realising they had won £1 million. “I had to go outside to get some air,” admits Calum.

Even though he had just become a millionaire, Mr Forrington still went to work that morning. He didn’t stay long though as his boss worked out his lucky employee wasn’t going to get much work done that day, so sent him home. There can’t be many better reasons for being sent home from work.

“Everything just seems to have fallen into place,” he said. The EuroMillions winner believes that his parents are “watching over me.” He added: “I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I’m looking forward to using our win to help build an amazing future for our children.”