Ghost-Hunter Loses Partner and His Lottery Winnings After Split

Ghost-Hunter Loses Partner and His Lottery Winnings After Split

Last year saw Kirk Stevens and his partner Laura Hoyle from Hucknall in Nottinghamshire enjoy a big lottery win. They won a Set For Life jackpot of £10,000 a month for the next 30 years. However, the couple have now split up and Laura has taken their Set For Life win with her.

The win was worth £3.6 million but now they are no longer together and even worse Laura also wants their two dogs.

It was four years ago that the pair met. Soon after Laura moved into Kirk’s home but he didn’t charge her any rent. “As far as I was concerned she was my girlfriend,” said her ex. Instead, she told him that £25 a week would be spent buying them lottery tickets and they’d share any winnings.

Kirk admits that their arrangement was “never any more formal” and that’s something he will now regret. “I didn’t think I needed anything more,” he added and besides Kirk never expected a big win to come along.

When the Set For Life win did happen last year, the couple put down a £500,000 deposit on a new home. Now Laura has moved in there after leaving Kirk. Laura had been placing £1,000 into her then partner’s account but he claims this has now stopped and she claims the money was for rent.

The couple had plans on becoming ghost-hunters but now it’s Kirk who is haunted by the loss of his partner and a share of the winnings.

He now wants just 10 percent of the winnings if those monthly £1,000 payments can resume. “I’ll happily walk away. She won’t even notice it,” said Kirk.

His ex has refused to comment on the situation but it does raise the question of what happens with lottery wins when partners end their relationship.

A statement by the National Lottery says that all jackpots are paid to an individual and that is the “rightful ticket-holder”. That’s the person who owns the winning ticket and usually the purchaser of the lucky ticket.

The National Lottery asks a number of questions to ensure that the winnings are paid out to the right person. This includes whether the ticket was purchased for a lottery syndicate. If it’s a ticket that was purchased online then it is an easier task to locate the account that had the winning ticket and its owner.

Just because your name might be on the huge cheque (which was the case with this win) that is often presented, that doesn’t mean you have “huge sums of money” heading your way. Making a formal agreement is the way ahead just in case there are any disputes.