Get Vaccinated and Become a Millionaire

It seems that there are many ways to become a millionaire. One is to win $1 million in a Washington Vaccine Lottery. That’s what has happened to Kameron M., and he didn’t even know the lottery existed.

The 23-year-old motor mechanic won the top prize in ‘The Shot of a Lifetime’ Lottery. It was a lottery organized to try and get more people to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
Seeing that Kameron knew nothing of the lottery, you can understand why he thought it a scam when told he’d won it. The lottery then contacted his mother who thought the exact opposite and told her son that he’d won $1 million.

At a press conference, the winner said that he had got his first jab of a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as he became eligible. He just wanted himself, his family and his peers to be safe. All good and proper but why did he get the chance to become a millionaire? He now plans to find a financial advisor and invest his winnings.

The lottery also gave away four $250,000 prizes, gift cards and game consoles. It’s not known yet whether the aim of getting more people to get vaccinated.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is hoping that this big win will inspire more people to go and get vaccinated. The lottery idea came about after a “precipitous decline” in the number of people getting vaccinated. The rate of decline has slowed since the announcement of the lottery but is there a link? Is it about people wanting a new games console or looking after their health?

The Governor said that: “I think this exercise was useful. If nothing else, because it kept this in the public eye.” So, has Covid-19 just become something that needs to be kept in the public eye?

Other vaccine lotteries that have been held around the USA haven’t been great successes. The first was held in Ohio and wasn’t as successful as originally hoped by Governor Mike DeWine. Rates similar to other states were achieved as more people became able to get their jabs. Nationally figures have gone up but now started to flatten.

Their target of 70% of those aged 16 and over having at least one jab has been reached. Some counties are falling well behind that figure. Perhaps another lottery is needed to get them to start being vaccinated.

What about those who have been vaccinated but didn’t win a prize? Shouldn’t they be thinking ‘I got my jab but no $1 million win, is this fair?” They won’t be entirely satisfied with the comments of Governor Inslee. He said that by getting vaccinated, they’re giving “a great gift” by saving their life and others. “It’s even better than a million dollars,” he said. Yeah, tell that to someone who is vaccinated and struggling financially.