Gambling Receives Partial Ban on Twitch

Recent months have seen a campaign against the amount of gambling on the live streaming platform Twitch. Campaigners are now celebrating a partial success after Twitch announced a partial gambling ban.

From 18 October, they will ban videos of gambling sites that are not licensed in the US. This will also include “other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection.” The ban will hit companies such as who are a cryptocurrency gambling site based in Curacao. Also affected will be, and More sites could be added to the banned list in the future.

This means that the playing of slot games, dice and roulette won’t be allowed on Twitch if they come from an unlicensed site. Playing slot games on Twitch is incredibly popular. TwitchTracker shows that this is the 10th most popular type of content. Campaigners will see this as a positive move by Twitch but will still want further action taken.

Twitch confirmed their decision with a statement on Twitter. They said that a ban on “sharing links or referral codes to all sites that include slots, roulette or dice games,” is already in place. However, “we’ve seen some people circumvent these rules and expose our community to potential harm.” Despite this, there will not be a ban on sports betting and fantasy sports.

There is one major reason why streamers want to promote gambling websites. It’s extremely lucrative to do so with Tyler ‘Trainswreckstv’ Niknam claiming that he was given over $1.8 million to gamble with.

The partial ban comes after some streamers had been calling for a ban and even threatening to organise strike action. The gambling streams have seen some streamers leave Twitch. One of those is Devin Nash who said that they were “horrible for the platform.”

He tweeted that “gambling is damaging to young Twitch users, bad for legitimate advertisers and brings down the quality of the whole site.” Nash added that “legitimate advertisers don’t want their ads served next to online casino ads” and nor do they want to “support advertising gambling to kids.”

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys have also been vocal about the gambling content. They had been suggesting that prominent streamers could temporarily exit Twitch for a week this Christmas to show their displeasure over the problem.

While a partial ban is less than desired, ‘Pokimane’ was quick to celebrate the news, tweeting “We did it y’all. Public pressure, tweets, raising awareness, it all matters.”