FA Launch Investigation into Arsenal Booking

FA Launch Investigation into Arsenal Booking

A booking in a recent Arsenal game is being investigated by the Football Association (FA). There were suspicious betting patterns reported by a bookmaker on a specific player being booked.

Just who the player was that received a booking hasn’t been revealed. All that is known is that it took place in a Premier League fixture. How much was gambled on the player being booked isn’t known but it is said to be an “highly unusual” amount.

The way betting has progressed in recent years has seen a big increase in the number of markets available to bet on. Gamblers can now bet on how many corners there are in a game, how many goals and if a certain player is booked.

Known As ‘spot betting,’ this has caused problems in several sports. This includes cricket where players deliberately bowled no-balls at certain arranged times. That led to suspension and jail sentences.

Spot Betting Confession

Former England international Matt Le Tissier admitted that he had indulged in some spot betting in 1995. He’d put on some bets with friends on the time of the first throw-in when Southampton played Wimbledon.

His autobiography revealed that he’d attempted to “make a few quid” by trying to kick the ball off the pitch right at the start of the game. That would have seen the bet on the first throw-in being in the opening minute come up. However, one of his Southampton team-mates prevented kept the ball in play and the bet lost.

No action was taken against him, but it shows how easy spot betting can be. Who would have cared if the ball had gone out of play? It’s unlikely to have had any influence on the end result of the game. The same can be said of a player deciding to get themselves booked on purpose.

Four years ago, Bradley Wood was playing for Lincoln City in FA Cup ties against Ipswich Town and Burnley. He told his friends to place bets on him getting booked in those matches. Wood was found out by the FA and banned for six years.

Fresh Charges over Breaking Gambling Rules

News of the investigation comes after it was announced last week that charges had been made against several Scottish players/officials. 12 players and two managerial staff have been accused of breaking Scottish Football Association rules over gambling.

Six of the players are from Elgin City, while recently appointed Greenock Morton manager is also on the list of those charged. Imrie is charged with betting on games while he was a player. The alleged incidents took place between 2011 and 2019.

Gordon Young who is the assistant manager at Cove Rangers has also been charged. He’s been accused of gambling on games in the 2014/15 and 2020/21 seasons.

It’s believed there are no allegations of match fixing. Some of the charges relate to players placing accumulator bets that included their own team.