Exciting Time for Canadian Gamblers

Imagine being able to bet on sport but not a single event. That’s the case in Canada but a new Bill is going to change all of that. Meanwhile, two tickets have shared the massive $70 million Lotto Max jackpot.

The C-218 bill passed through senate on June 22 and once royal assent is given, betting on single-sports events in Canada will finally become legal. Just when that will happen is yet to be confirmed. Under the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, provincial governments will be able to decide how single sports betting can be conducted in their state.

Parlay betting is allowed in Canada but betting on just one event sees you breaking the rules under section 207 (4) (b) of the Criminal Code but that is now being removed.

The decision to pass the law has been described as “a historic moment for Canada” by John Levy who is Chairman and CEO of theScore. He added that the change will present “a substantial growth opportunity for our integrated media and betting business.”

It’s estimated that the potential for online gaming in Canada could be between $4.3 billion and $5.4 billion in terms of annual gross gaming revenue. Ontario alone has estimates of $1.7 billion to $2.1 billion.

Of course, with estimated figures such as those given, the desire to receive massive amounts of tax revenue was near the top of their thoughts rather than just placing a bet on the Vancouver Whitecaps.

It was a private-member’s bill introduced back in February 2020 by Kevin Waugh (Conservative MP for Saskatoon-Grasswood) that has led to the change. The bill received support from all parties as it made its way through the House of Commons and then the Senate.

It’s certainly taken a while to sort this situation out. As far back as 2012 there were bids being made to allow single-event sports betting. Even some of the main leagues in the country were in favour. In the UK, for a long time the football coupons available in bookmakers didn’t allow bets on single games. Only when there was a massive increase in the number of live games being shown on television were single bets allowed.

Alberta and British Columbia have said they will allow betting on single events within days of it being possible. That includes the AGLC which stands for Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis, honest it does.

Ontario is busy working out an iGaming model for the province and single-event sports betting will be included. The same applies to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, so big changes are on the way. The days of Canadians opening offshore accounts to place bets on single events will soon be over.

Meanwhile, the very same day the bill went through the senate, the $70 million Lotto Max jackpot has finally been won. Just think you can’t bet on a single sports event but can buy a lottery ticket and win millions of dollars. $70 million is the jackpot cap and it had been reached on June 1. Since then, draws have failed to produce a jackpot winner. Like a bus you wait for ages and then two come along. A couple of tickets will share the top prize. One was sold in British Columbia and the other in Ontario.