Entain to Limit Betting for Problem Gamblers

Etain to Limit Betting for Problem Gamblers

Entain, who own both Ladbrokes and Coral have announced steps that will help problem gamblers. This will include them becoming the first UK gambling operator to set personalised stake limits and also impose credit checks.

It has been possible for users of online sites to set their own limits. This has been for the amounts that can be deposited in either a day, week or month. The credit checks will see the use of data that is already publicly available. This will be used when it is clear that customers are playing in a way that indicates they are at high-risk of gambling addiction. This includes players gambling into the early hours or making higher and higher deposits into their accounts.

The move comes at a time when consultation has been taking place over the way we gamble. It’s all leading up to a review of the 2005 Gambling Act. This could have a serious affect on the futures of those in and out of the gambling industry. Possible changes could see sports advertising by gambling companies ended and limits for casino games.

High-Risk Gamblers

When contacting the possible high-risk gamblers, there will not be a call to receive either the bank statements or payslips of the site members. Data protection wouldn’t allow this but there is the fear that players will just close their accounts and go onto what Entain call the ‘black market.’

Gambling companies have already encountered problems after previous action by the current Conservative Government. Drastically reducing the stakes on betting machines in High Street Shops has led to redundancies.

Other companies are also making changes realizing that if they don’t do it themselves, the possible changes may be tougher. Flutter, who own Paddy Power have began the ending of VIP programs for high rollers. These have been heavily criticized by the UK Gambling Commission.

Entain are taking the whole situation very seriously indeed. Work has been undertaken wit Harvard University to develop artificial intelligence. This will identify when a customer should have limits imposed on their account. Entain say they are willing to let other operators share the technology that is created.

UK Gambling Commission, Responsible Gambling

While responsible gambling measures are good news for those encountering problems, it’s not so helpful for the companies. Entain believe that it will see a £40 million reduction in earnings before other factors such as depreciation and tax. They have shown a desire to work with the UK Gambling Commission to see what can be done.

Campaigners still aren’t entirely happy at such moves. They don’t just want to see what they believe are superficial changes. While accepting that work is being undertaken by some companies to limit play that can be harmful, a cross-industry approach is the way forward.