€19m Irish Lotto Winners Claim their Prize

€19m Irish Lotto Winners Claim their Prize

The winners of the record €19m Irish Lotto jackpot have claimed their prize. They’ve been speaking about how they discovered their big win and how it’s going to be spent.

There had been over six months without an Irish Lotto jackpot before it was finally won. The rules had been changed to allow a must-be-won draw to take place on Saturday January 15. The rule change wasn’t needed in the end as a syndicate of players from a Co Mayo family matched the six main numbers to land the top prize.

Their winning ticket was purchased at Laura Scriney’s XL shop in Castlebar. It’s the largest ever Irish Lotto win and the lucky players didn’t even choose their own numbers. It was a Quick Pick ticket that successfully matched

The winning syndicate have asked to remain anonymous. One member of the group did make a statement to lottery officials. They said how the events of January 15 are “still a blur.” Even though they were in Dublin to claim their winnings, there was still some doubt over their luck. “We’re still waiting for somebody to tell us that we made a mistake and we’re not the winners at all,” the syndicate spokesperson said.

They recalled the moment when their win was discovered. “I had the ticket in my hand and to see the six numbers come out one after another was like an out of body experience – it’s impossible to explain.”

You’d imagine that there would have been some massive celebrations that night. However, there was that feeling that they weren’t the winners. “We got the phones out and frantically started scanning (the ticket) on the National Lottery App,” said the spokesperson.

“After about 20 minutes, the ticket scanned, and a message popped up that will live with us all for the rest of our lives. It said, ‘You’ve won big!’ It was such an incredible moment.”
It wasn’t initially revealed where the winning Irish Lotto ticket had been sold. The family found it funny to see all the speculation about who had been the winners One night they watched someone being interviewed on television about the Irish Lotto win.

The interviewee said they’d better check their tickets just in case they were the jackpot winners. One of the actual winners shouted at the telly “Don’t bother checking because we’ve got the winning ticket right here.”

One night we were watching the news on TV when somebody in Mayo was interviewed, and they mentioned that they better check their tickets to see if they were the lucky winner.

WIth such a big win as this, it’s always a good idea to get some advice on how to use it. That’s the case here and the family are in touch with financial advisors. Already planned though is paying off mortgages and helping their family and friends. Some charitable donations will also be held. The spokesperson said: “. It really is such an exciting time in our lives, and we can’t wait to get started to changing people’s lives.”