€143 million EuroMillions Jackpot Won By Spanish Ticket

It had already been a great year for Spanish players of the EuroMillions lottery. Tuesday December 7 saw it get even better with a €143 million EuroMillions jackpot being won.

A ticket sold in Leon in Northwest Spain landed the jackpot. The top prize was the seventh EuroMillions jackpot won this year by tickets sold in Spain. Those wins have totalled just short of half a billion euros.

Overall, Spain has now seen 113 tickets win a EuroMillions jackpot. That’s not the highest total though. France and the United Kingdom are top of the table, both having had 114 jackpot wins. Those two countries have both had four EuroMillions jackpot wins this year.

The previous draw had been a EuroMillions Superdraw. That had a top prize of €130 million, an enhancement of over €100 million from the previous one held. However, the Superdraw did not produce a winner.

There were hopes that the top prize might keep rolling over and take us to a record €230 million jackpot, but one single ticket prevented that. Whoever did win the top prize on December 7 has yet to come forward. It may be that they are getting advice about how to deal with their massive win. Then again, perhaps they haven’t checked their ticket and have no idea of their windfall.

The numbers that turned someone into a multi-millionaire were: 22-31-38-46-47 and the two Lucky Stars 07 and 11. That selection indicates that the owner of the winning ticket didn’t use birthdays or anniversaries for their numbers with just two numbers in the 1-31 range.

Two tickets won the second-tier prize of £298,841.90/€418,527.23. They both matched all the main balls but missed out on one of the Lucky Stars. One of the tickets was sold in the United Kingdom, the other in Spain. Who knows? Perhaps the Spanish ticket was owned by the same player who won the jackpot and had a few guesses at the Lucky Stars?

It’s been a very lucrative year indeed for EuroMillions players. The record highest win has been broken on not one but two occasions in 2021. February saw a ticket purchased in Switzerland win CHF 230.2 million (€210 million).

That record didn’t last long though. After another EuroMillions Superdraw led to a series of rollovers, a ticket sold in French Polynesia won a €220 million top prize.

There’s still time for more EuroMillions wins this year. The next draw is on Friday December 10 with a £14 million (€17 million) jackpot. Not quite as much as was won on Tuesday but if you did manage to win that amount it’s unlikely that you’d moan about it.