Dreams Come True as $313.3m Powerball Jackpot Won

$313.3m Powerball Jackpot Won

Although you believe one day a big lottery win will come along, another part of you feels it may well not. Tammy and Cliff Webster from Oneida, near Green Bay in Wisconsin, USA, won a $313.3 million Powerball jackpot on January 5.

They didn’t find out about their win until the morning after the draw. The news was reporting that two tickets had shared a $632.6 million Powerball jackpot. One ticket had been sold at a 7-Eleven in Sacramento, California. The other was sold in Wisconsin and that attracted interest from Tammy and Cliff.

They’d entered the Powerball draw but were yet to check their ticket. Could they possibly be the Wisconsin winners? Cliff certainly wasn’t that confident that they were multi-millionaires. He was mumbling “You know how many people play in Wisconsin? What’s the odds of us winning?”

Well, it turned out that the odds were rather good. Cliff began to check their Powerball ticket and couldn’t believe it when all their selection matched the numbers drawn the night before. It was time for the couple to start celebrating, even though it was rather early in the morning.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Cliff. “You don’t know what to do. It’s 4.30 in the morning and we’re yelling and hugging.”

Their ticket had matched 06-14-25-33-46 and the Powerball 17. His wife said that the couple had “always believed that we had a chance to win” and now they had, “it was a dream come true.”

Just how they are going to spend their Powerball winnings hasn’t yet been decided. Both are retired, so there’s no need to quit any jobs. They have however made the decision on how to claim their windfall. Rather than accepting their win as an annuity paid over 29 years, they’ve taken the one-off cash lump sum option.

That sees them receiving $225.1 million. However, tax must be paid on the winnings, both state and federal. Once those payments have been made, they will be left with $153.9 million.

Also pleased with this Powerball win is the store that sold them the winning ticket. The Jackson Pointe Citgo will receive $100,000 for doing so. The other winner of the January 5 Powerball jackpot is yet to claim their winnings.

That’s not the case with the winner of the EuroMillions Superdraw held on Friday February 4. A ticket sold in the UK managed to match the five main balls and the two Lucky Stars. That saw them winning the £109.9 million jackpot. The winner has already claimed their prize but there’s no news of who the winner is or where they come from.