Dream Cottage for £300,000 Scratchcard Winners

It’s not been an easy couple of years for Louisa and Greg Tomlinson from Ash in Kent. Louisa has spent most of it shielding but 2021 has had a happy ending. The couple won £300,000 on a Scrabble Cashword scratchcard.

Louisa, 57, has had a stroke in the past and had treatment to mend a hole in her heart. That led to her having to shield for most of the pandemic. Her husband, Greg, 62, is a trained electrician but has taken on work as a part-time deliveryman giving him more time to look after his wife.

The couple were preparing for Christmas when going to the local supermarket. Greg was given £10 by his wife to buy a couple of scratchcards. For “no special reason” he chose a couple of Scrabble Cashword scratchcards and it proved to be the best decision of his life.

When they got back home, the couple sat down for a cup of tea and checked the scratchcards. Louisa thought one of them had won £10,000 but then gave it another look. “Hang on, I think we’ve won an awful lot of money!” she said. Greg looked at the scratchcard and saw that 12 words had been revealed, winning the top prize of £300,000.

Still a bit unsure, they kept checking the scratchcard. Then they called Camelot to get their £300,000 win confirmed. When that happened, the couple burst into tears.

The next job was to ensure the winning scratchcard wasn’t lost or eaten! The scratchcard was locked away and Louisa says they were afraid to leave their house in case it was lost or gobbled up by their Golden Retriever, Teddy.

While shielding, Louisa has spent many hours dreaming of buying a cottage in Norfolk. Financially that was impossible but as she says, “the daydreaming kept me entertained while I was shielding.” Now thanks to this scratchcard win, that dream can come true. Louisa has spent plenty of time on the Rightmove website so knows just what she wants to buy. That’s a two-bedroom cottage with a kitchen diner, wood burning stove and a small garden.

“This really is a dream come true, it’s going to give us both a much better quality of life. Living in our own home, that nobody can take away from us, will bring peace of mind and I’m sure will be brilliant for my recovery too,” said Louisa.