Another Win for Reigns at WrestleMania?

WrestleMania has become so large that it’s now held on two nights. April 2 and 3 sees WrestleMania 38 take place in Arlington, Texas and a unified world champion will be crowned or will it?

Let’s look at the main matches that are taking place and some betting odds. Rumours of a rematch between Will Smith and Chris Rock cannot be confirmed. A shame as that might be better than some of the matches lined up for this weekend.

Title v Title – Roman Reigns v Brock Lesnar

Universal champion Roman Reigns takes on WWE title holder Brock Lesnar with both titles on the line. While it is exciting to see just one main champion in WWE, it most likely won’t be long until they find some way of getting back to one champion on Raw and another on Smackdown.

Reigns v Lesnar is not the most of original matches. It’s twice before been seen at WrestleMania but this time it’s Lesnar who will be getting the cheers. Lesnar is 9/4 at SkyBet to win this match. Reigns has held the Universal title since August 2020.

His heel turn has proved successful and he’s 4/9 at Paddy Power to beat Lesnar. Reigns must be the favourite to win this as Lesnar isn’t full-time and never wrestles matches on Raw or Smackdown.

Smackdown Women’s Title – Charlotte Flair v Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey made her WWE comeback when winning the 2022 Royal Rumble. The former women’s champion eliminated Flair to win that match and predictably chose to challenge her at WrestleMania.

Flair is miles more talented in the WWE ring than her opponent. However, you can get odds of 10/3 at SkyBet on her winning this match. Rousey is 1/5 at the same bookies and although still an uninspiring performer, her winning the title this weekend looks inevitable.

Raw Women’s Title – Becky Lynch v Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch made her comeback at Summerslam last year and dethroned Belair in just 26 seconds. Lynch has beaten Blair since then, but we still get to see them face off at WrestleMania. Is the Raw women’s roster that thin?

Lynch plays the villain these days and is making a decent job of it. Belair continues to be an irritating sickly heroine with all the dancing and that hair of hers. Lynch is 5/2 at Paddy Power to win but Belair (1/4 at SkyBet) is the likely winner, so cue more tears. Much better would be a return by Bayley to set up a new feud for the coming months.

Best of the Rest

WWE does love getting celebrities involved with WrestleMania. There may not be a Smith or Rock but there will be Logan Paul and Johnny Knoxville. Paul teams up with the equally annoying Miz to take on Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The father and son tag team are 4/9 at SkyBet to get the win.

Johnny Knoxville just keeps on plugging the new Jackass movie. He took part in the 2022 Royal Rumble and has been feuding with Sami Zayn all year (whether we like it or not). They meet in a singles match with Knoxville 2/7 at SkyBet to embarrass Zayn.

Omos is very tall so that makes him a monster in WWE. He’s not that special but the bosses are pushing Omos so we’re stuck with him. Poor Bobby Lashley has twice been WWE Champion but is stuck as the sacrificial lamb to Omos who is 4/7 at Paddy Power to get the win.

It’s not the best of WrestleMania’s but the best match is likely to be AJ Styles v Edge. It’s close in the betting too with Styles 4/5 at SkyBet and the same bookies offering 11/10 on Edge.