A Guitar and Perhaps a Girlfriend for People’s Postcode Lottery Winner

A £3.2 million People’s Postcode Lottery prize has been shared by 125 players in the Seaton area of Aberdeen. The winners had been expecting to receive around £5,000 each but then found out they’ll all receive at least £13,996. However, one both received £733,648 and another £366,824.

Alexander Hardingham is 83-years-old but has just seen his life totally changed. The Aberdeen resident was the winner of just over £730,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery. He’s often considered himself to be “just a normal working man from the good old Granite City.”

Mr Hardingham has been playing the People’s Postcode Lottery for around a year and a half. He was already happy to win £5,000 but then saw other players receiving cheques for £13,000 and thought to himself, “Well goodness me, that’s a lot of money – I’d be happy with that’.

Shocks were on the way though as he was given a cheque for £27,000. Then it was revealed he had matched the full postcode with not one but two tickets and had won nearly three quarters of a million pounds. “It was like a morning of surprises,” said the People’s Postcode Lottery winner. He then added: “It’s not even Christmas yet!”

What will he do with his winnings? The 83-year-old admitted that he didn’t really know what he’d do with £5,000 so heaven knows what he’ll do with this massive win. Jokingly he said that he’d missed out on the chance to get a girlfriend years ago, now they’ll probably be lining up outside his door.

If that happens, he can serenade them with country music songs played on the new guitar he plans on buying.

Still cracking jokes, he added: “I’m a country dafty and always have been – all I need is a horse, and who knows, I might get one now even though I can’t ride it.”

Also celebrating is Tilly Adams who won £366,824. Her big win came 20 years after beginning to play the People’s Postcode Lottery. She has previously had cancer and wanted to play a lottery that would make donations to cancer charities.

When being told about her win, she initially thought the phone call was a scam and she put the phone down on the caller.

“Never in a million years did I expect this to happen,” said the People’s Postcode Lottery winner. She collected her winnings with her daughter but isn’t sure how her winnings will be spent. It looks like good news for her family with most of it being given to her daughter and son. “As long as they are happy, I am happy,” said the delighted mother.