£300,000 Scratchcard Win for Former Lollipop Lady

What do you do while sat in the doctor’s waiting room? Do you read an age-old magazine perhaps or just be amazed you’ve got an appointment? For Caroline Walsh from Pontypool in Wales, her time was spent discovering a £300,000 scratchcard win.

The mother-of-two used to work as a lollipop lady. Now she’s won lots of lolly on a Super 7’s scratchcard. The win comes after a difficult period in her life.

Last year saw Caroline lose her husband Mike when he died from cancer. The 58-year-old widow says that she’ll share her £300,000 Super 7’s scratchcard win with her family. Both of her sons are grown up and have children. The help given will make a big difference to their lives.

Joking about her win, she said: “Thank goodness the doctor didn’t take my blood pressure in the appointment, it would have been through the roof!” If that had happened, Caroline wouldn’t have told her doctor the cause of it. She’d already decided that no one was going to find out about her win until her two sons had been told the news.

That was her first job after leaving the doctor’s surgery. Not surprisingly, neither could believe what they were being told. Chris is 40 and is a ward manager at a hospital. He plans to use his £100,000 share of the win to go on a family holiday with his partner and two children.

Treats for her grandchildren have already been purchased. Money is also going to be put aside for them.

Caroline couldn’t help thinking of her late husband who she’d been married to for 34 years They had both been regular National Lottery players and chatted about how they’d spend a big win. One dream had been to move to Spain. “He would have loved all of this,” said the scratchcard winner. “I think he’ll be happy knowing that I’m going to be taken care of,” she added.

If losing her husband wasn’t bad enough, Caroline then spent six weeks in hospital after a lupus attack. The bad luck continued as her bungalow was flooded while she was still hospitalized.

“Last year was awful but things are definitely improving,” she said. The scratchcard winner is going to “transform” her garden with some of her winnings. “I want to make it into a space that’s easy to manage and somewhere I can enjoy when the sun shines.” Other plans include going to Brean Sands in Somerset where she has a caravan.