£1m EuroMillions Winner Came out of Retirement during Pandemic

When Stephen Schiltz from Pontardawe in Swansea, Wales won a £1 million EuroMillions prize, it looked as if his working days were over. However, that was not to be the case.

Despite his £1 million pound win in 2019, the 56-year-old says he was back on the road as a lorry driver during the pandemic. There was a shortage of lorry drivers at that time and that was threatening the delivery of vital supplies.

He’d been a lorry driver before his big win and held an HGV licence. The fact he had that led to him receiving a letter asking if he could go back to work. “Lots of people with an HGV licence had the same letter from the Government,” said Stephen. “Not many of them were lottery millionaires,” he added.

Even though he didn’t have to work, he didn’t think twice about going back to work. “I was happy to help out and it was brilliant to be back in work,” said the lottery winner. He soon found himself driving Lidl lorries around Wales and the West Country. One thing the other workers didn’t discover was his financial status as he didn’t tell them about his EuroMillions success.

He was paid for his work and that meant something different for Steve. “It meant that instead of money coming out of the bank account we had money coming in.”

Although Stephen had already retired before his win, his wife didn’t quit work. Lesley continued to work as a freelance health and social care trainer. His wife just loved working but did eventually cut her hours down to four days a week.

His EuroMillions win nearly didn’t happen. When he claimed his prize, he initially forgot where he bought his winning ticket. The wrong shop location was given and Camelot thought they might be being scammed. Eventually he did remember where his purchase had been made: “My mind was playing tricks on me in the excitement. But I got it right in the end,” he said. When the win came along the couple only had £3,000 in the bank.

Their EuroMillions win was put to good use. Their Fiat Multpila was swapped for a RangeRover Discovery. The win came a month before Christmas and Stephen joked he’d still get himself some socks but probably not from Primark.

The couple also went on a holiday to the Maldives. Some of their winnings has been put aside for their six children and four grandchildren. The couple still play lotteries and say any big win would be given to good causes.