£184m EuroMillions Winner Didn’t Wake Up Wife to Break the News

Imagine the scene that sounds unbelievable but is totally true. A couple are in bed together, the husband is awake and the wife asleep. The male half of the couple knows that they are now multi-millionaires, his wife has no idea at all.

That’s the situation that Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucester in England found themselves in. Joe had just discovered at 5.15am that their Lucky Dip ticket had won the £184 million jackpot in the May 10 EuroMillions draw.

The win is the highest amount ever won by a UK couple. However, when Joe, 49, returned to bed, he decided not to wake up 44-year-old Jess. Sometimes waking your wife up just isn’t a good idea, even if you have just won £184 million. He just lay there looking online at properties knowing that now the couple could afford to buy any of them they wanted.

Their total EuroMillions windfall is £184, 262, 899 and beats the previous UK record win of £170 million. Their ticket had successfully matched 03-25-27-28-29 and the two Lucky Stars 04 and 09. They used to use their own numbers, but Joe often forgot them, so a Lucky Dip has been used instead and it’s certainly paid off.

When the alarm clock went off, Joe decided it was finally time to break the incredible news. Predictably Jess didn’t initially believe him and carried on with her usual routine. It was only when Camelot were called, and the win confirmed that she finally believed the incredible news.

Jess was quickly on the phone to her mother who at first thought her daughter might be phoning to tell her she’s pregnant. “It’s better than being pregnant. I think we’ve won the lottery,” said the EuroMillions winner

The previous UK record holder decided to remain anonymous, so why did the Gloucester couple decide not to go down that route?

They decided to reveal their identities so they could be honest with those that they love. Jess admitted to some worries about not staying anonymous. “I feel this is the way we can be honest with them all, we can enjoy it with them all,” she commented. Already there are tabloid stories though with the story of Joe’s former wife.

The couple have been married for 11 years. They may be able to afford any property they want but recently they’ve moved into a £600,000 house in the country. It does have a leaky roof though and some other renovations are required. All can now be achieved with ease.

A trip to Hawaii is being planned. The couple say their win will allow them “time to dream” for the first time.

Eventually his wife’s alarm clock went off. Jess, 44, woke up with no idea that her life had changed forever while she was asleep. Her husband said he had a secret to tell her and then revealed the amazing news. Jess didn’t believe him until their win was confirmed.

Joe is a communication sales manager, while his wife runs a hairdressing salon with her sister. Whether they’ll carry on working hasn’t been disclosed. The couple have two primary school aged children and Joe has two other children from that previous marriage.